Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Trades Section Added

For whatever reason, it seems to be impossible to find people who posts all of their trades. People who constantly promote stocks never tell us how much money they made on all of their picks. That is the same as a chef at a steakhouse who happens to be a vegetarian. You cannot truly stand by your product if you don't believe in it. Well, I am a chef who eats my own cooking. I will be posting all of my trades, prices, and quantities. You'll see the good as well as the bad trades. You will get to see exactly how much I've made and lost on every single trade. I won't feel any shame knowing that I have been profiting over the long run as well as learning as I go along.

Feel free to criticize and laugh and question my trades. I'd like to note that the bulk of my value investing learning did not develop until late 2009. There are many trades on there that I won't ever do again. (Hint: AIG, C)

Hit up the Trades Section to see them all.

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