Friday, March 2, 2012

Trades Updated 3/2/2012

I know I've been pretty lazy with updating trades after posting my trades on twitter, but here it is. Once again, if you see discrepancies between my twitter feed and the trades in the tables, it's because I tweet trades that I do for accounts that I manage. However, I don't display other people's accounts here.

You may notice that I am currently trading three relatively new companies. They are OME, ZA, and GME. Although GME is something I've traded before, I decided that it is okay to start trading again now. OME looks like an incredibly good deal, with a PE of only 4. I still worry that I am wrong about my analysis, but I can't stick with well known blue chips forever. OME has an incredible free cash flow relative to the market cap of the company.

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