Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 Q2 Performance

Just did my performance calculation for the end of 2nd quarter. Market is up +9.6% and I am up +21.5%   Woot!!!

GME has been pretty disappointing but I'm still not scared. I won't buy more, but I'm not scared. OME has also been a pretty big disappointment but I plan on holding onto that as well. As usual, I tend to jump the gun on trades and end up making less than I might have if I had followed my DCF calculations completely. The fear that the stock might not go lower and that I might miss out creates this itch that just must be scratched.

Most importantly though, I am confident that I am investing properly. The combined losses of OME and GME are pretty big, but they are only cogs in the machine. I think I'm doing pretty good being up +21.5% even with some hefty losses in some positions.

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