Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 Q3 Performance

It's another healthy dose of gains for my portfolio. A few more years of this and I can probably live very comfortably from investing alone. I have a pretty nice gain of 42% YTD for this year. 3 more months to make money for the rest of the year :) Here's the summary of previous performance

2012 Q3 YTD: SPY+16% Me+42%
2012 Q2 YTD: SPY+9.6% Me+21.5%
2011: SPY+1% Me+47%
2010: SPY+12% Me+8%
2009: SPY+23% Me+68%

I've been working on a new way of showing my trades and I know the current trades page is very out of date. Look forward to the new version soon!!

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