Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Trades (old version)

Update: I just set up a twitter account to tweet my trades in real time. You should follow me on twitter here. You might notice that I will be tweeting a lot of trades that won't show up in this section. I currently manage the accounts of a few friends and family and I will tweet those trades as I do them. However, this section only contains the data from my own portfolio.

For whatever reason, I never see people posting their trades while they vehemently preach about their stock picks. I am a chef who eats my own cooking, and I am willing to eat it in front of you! I am not ashamed to show you my good as well as my bad trades. You will find some rather large and silly losses as my temptation to gamble can sometimes get the best of me.

I do a lot of options trading, shorting naked puts in particular. The long code following the ticker that you see represents the options data. For example AAPL 110729P00355000 is an option on Apple, which expires in 2011/07/29, P is for Put, C is for Call, and has a strike of 355.000.

In the Pnl worksheets, you'll see the Pnl for each of the securities that I have traded, as well as an aggregated amount based on the underlyer. (All AAPL options would fall under AAPL) I will update this as frequently as possible. Enjoy!!

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