Monday, August 18, 2014

How to read SEC filings on your iPad / iPhone by increasing font size

Up until yesterday, I've only been able to read filings off of the SEC Edgar site on my computer. While it shows up in my iPad and iPhone, the font is very small and zooming doesn't actually adjust the text wrapping. Reading with my iPad 3 inches from my face was not very convenient. Safari and Chrome browsers on IOS do not have the ability to adjust the font size.

I did some digging and turns out Atomic Web Browser is able to change font sizes. The Lite Version is free and will let you change the font sizes too. The Paid Version will let you save the filings to your iPad so that you can read without wifi. It uses WebKit for rendering so the pages load acceptably fast. I'm a big fan of saving time, so I've been looking for this so that I can sit on an exercise bike while reading. I highly recommend this for all of your html reading needs.

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