Hi! Welcome to Renaissance Investor. I'd like to teach you the way that I invest. I started off making money from playing low stakes poker, winning around $20 to $30 per hour. I managed to pay my way through college, but my skill level was not high enough for me to want to do it in lieu of a job. I could not make enough from poker to justify doing it for a living. I spent 6 months working as a proprietary trader, where I was given an account to trade with and I was supposed to be able to keep a percentage of the profits. I was in the red from the first day and I didn't make a dime in the 6 months. I was taught all the wrong things that took another 5 years for me to unlearn. From after the prop trading job until now, I've been working as a programmer at various companies in the financial services industry. After the 2008 mortgage crisis, my interest in the stock market was reignited and I've been learning as much as I could in how to invest properly.

The most difficult thing was going in the right direction. Everyone had an opinion about everything and no one could show me winning a track record. I couldn't figure out who giving genuinely good advice and who was full of shit. It wasn't until Warren Buffett became more famous and I learned of him that finally connected with his teachings.

The number of flashy tools available and the number of MBA's giving "professional advice" have attempted to replace the necessity of learning and understanding. They have succeeded. This is not a bad thing. Most of these tools and most of these money managers are worth their weight in dirt. They preach with illusions of grandeur and they are followed by the masses who are allergic to any amount of hard work and thinking. Most of them fall eventually. The winners of the stock market are sequential, where every player can be ranked in terms of their profits and losses. Money lost by one is picked up by another. It only helps us when so many "reputable" people advocate ideas which are incorrect.

Renaissance Investor is a place where you learn value investing, old school. This is about going back to basics. Forget the charts, graphs, lines, technicals, and monkeys that throw darts. Forget guys like Jim Cramer who constantly have an opinion about everything. Too much magic, smoke and mirrors have made investing much more complicated than it has to be. Here, I'll teach you how to invest, the right way, and perhaps the only way. Let me help you remove all of the magic and superstition, which is actually a blessing for those that know what they are doing.

I've written my lessons in a way that will require little or no financial knowledge. I have tried my best to phrase things in ways that are easy to understand. I'm a friendly guy. If something doesn't make sense, put in a comment and I'll help you out! At some point, perhaps we can help each other out, in terms of research and verifying each other's work.

Yours Truly,
The Renaissance Investor

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